Wednesday, November 12, 2008

From humble beginnings...

To members of Bring out your dead reds

Well, we reached another milestone today. We can now proudly boast over 200 members in the "Bring out your dead reds" Facebook group. Its great to see!!

For the newbies amongst us we've had 3 offline events in the past year that we call "Wakes".

There are fotos and videos posted so you can see what we get up to at these Wakes - but basically its about opening and enjoying old wine (with fingers crossed they haven't gone off but sometimes they have!!). The next one isn't due til March 09.

I'd love to hear from people o/s who like to also hold an event at this time (a global wake).The group loves to share fotos of bottles opened/tried. Check the convo's - it's been fascinating. And of course - please participate in the discussions, such as:

Love of wine, in six words
Wake 3 Suggestions
What is the oldest bottle of wine in your cellar (cupboard)?

Enjoy yourself... xc

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