Monday, April 6, 2009

dead red four wrap up...

hello members,
hey sorry for the delay in the wrap up note from wake 4 event. but here are my ramblings...

each and every event we learn. eg: this past wake we didn't get a really really disgusting dead and people complained (in good humour!). the deadest-red-less event inspired a blog by Andre @ Qwoff. i have challenged him to find something more disgusting (or fantastic) for the next one!!

for the majority we are starting to get things right. we feel more organised and we do get good feedback (thanks!!). however, in making this a group that everyone wants to get involved in - i'm asking for your input. i'm hoping you might like to contribute :)

so, do you have any suggestions??? venues (we can do better and free i'm sure), wine sponsors (wasn't Kirrihill awesome for us this last time), timings (June = winter = port?), and / or charity fundraising on the nite ideas (how can we raise more and still be in theme)?

I would love to hear your ideas... all of them!!

Big thanks for help go to: Tanya, Steve, Jim, Lee, Bruce, Kay, Carlos, Maria, Martin... and me mum LOL

In the meantime... here's a heap of fotos (aside from the Independent Weekly article):

Stephen's album...

Sunday Mail fotos:,22613,5038302-5006370-19,00.html,22613,5038302-5006370-18,00.html,22613,5038302-5006370-17,00.html

............. aren't we a bunch of fun beautiful people!! til next xxx