Monday, July 13, 2009

Dead Reds in the Barossa... (event sponsor)

Mick’s Maille is a jewellery company formed to bring the art of Chainmaille into modern times. They will be joining us for Dead Reds in the Barossa.

The art of Chainmaille has been around for centuries. Originally it was designed to protect a soldier against close combat weapons and many missile attacks, such as arrows and slings. It was designed to be flexible and conform with the combatants movements, yet strong enough to repel blows from these attacks.

Chainmaille is French, meaning Chain Weave. It is made of hundreds of interlocking rings in a chain

Mail hauberk from the Museum of BayeuxImage via Wikipedia

weave pattern. The Chainmaille armour took many months to make and cost a soldier an average of a years wage. It survived as a cheap and effective form of defence, for many centuries during the medieval period.

Today the art of Chainmaille is still around in its original form and is emerging as a current fashion trend (check ‘s latest range including a chainmaille jacket).

At Dead Reds Barossa, you will have the opportunity to view some of the beautiful pieces. All pieces can be ordered on the day and some will be available for purchase. Once you own your own Mick’s Maille piece, we are certain it will become a wonderful talking point amongst your friends and family.

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Saturday, July 4, 2009

When Red Wine Attacks

When Red Wine Attacks, originally uploaded by Ross Culshaw.

Original post by photographer goes:

"So my good friend chris and I met up today and shot some wine glasses and liquid......I've seen shots like this done before using tilting tables and longer exposures but we went for the basic approach of shoving the glass into shot and hoping.....

This is sooc, i used PS just for cropping.

F42 left, snooted and fired at the background @ 1/32
Uploaded by Ross Culshaw on 4 Jul 09, 7.52AM CST. "

I've asked them to add it to our Flickr Photography group here:


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