Thursday, January 28, 2010

Dead Reds Wake Six:: Wear Red, Drink Red, Celebrate Life

Red wine is for drinking, not keeping at the bottom of the wine rack for that special occasion. This group has been formed to celebrate the dead reds in our cellar. We'd like to thank them for their wonderful contribution into our lives. So crack open that red, give it a tasting and then share the news with the rest of us.

How old can that bottle go?

This will be the first event for 2010 and we have some special things happening for the group that we'd love to share and celebrate with you in such a special venue. Let's get groovy...

Friday 26th March 2010 from 7.30pm
Venue: The Highway

• Complimentary glass on arrival
• $20 entry fee
• Everyone encouraged to enter a bottle
• Bottles entered for judging encounter a $10 entry fee
• Bottles entered must be 10yrs or older
• All are encouraged to help with judging
• No responsibility is accepted for poor tastings whatsoever
• All proceeds after expenses are donated to the Heart Foundation

The Dead Reds Wine Group was formed to celebrate and send off, in appropriate style, older wines from our cellars. These are wines we may have been keeping for that special occasion... but we’ve perhaps now also kept a little too long? These are wines that are ten years or older and may have traveled a far bumpier harder road than others. Such wine that might still be a corker, or just simply “corked”?

The groups beginnings
On the eve of a special dinner party, which was to boast a Penfolds Grange, the challenge was set to find a wine that could match such a pedigree. Alas, all the “special” old wines in the cellar were too old to risk. And that’s when the seed was planted for a special night dedicated to brave wine tasting – to boldly drink what should have already been boldy drunk! The idea was shared on Facebook and the Dead Reds Wine Group now has over 400 members with quarterly events, called “Wakes”.

These events encourage you to bring along such a bottle to share with fellow wine hoarders for an adventurous evening of wine tasting. Some turn out sublime, some vinegar. But that’s what the night is all about. Wakes are evenings of sensory highs and lows, animated conversation and a lot of laughs.

The Dead Red Wake Celebrates Old Wine In Style

Charlie Helen Robinson

28/01/2010:: Twitter365

this is the entrance to the next dead reds event... it's to be held @ the hwy inn on anzac highway!! place :)) thanks goes to Tom seeing my shout out today on the dead reds facebook wall that ended up on twitter (im @charlierobinson). that ended up with him calling me and us meeting and it all being sweet by tonight!! dont ya just love social media?

i do :)

PS YES a formal blog and invite will be done very very very soon, stay tuned .. love from charlie xx

Monday, January 25, 2010

26/01/2010:: red wine @ mercato's now... and wine tasting

we mmust check it all out soon xc