Wednesday, February 3, 2010

HWY to celebrate life with us...

The highway had always conjured up a “different” images for me. so, when I got a call from Tom (of HWY fame) after posting via the dead reds facebook group that fed out to twitter - that we needed a venue, I was all ears and open BUT....

To be frank, the response was within about ten minutes of my posting. So – all hail to social media working. And all hail to the HWY capatilising on that :)

I met with Tom later that day and secured the deal. I was so happy. And it’s easy to understand why. Firstly, check this image:

Secondly, my 15yr old daughter had been there for a birfday partee the week before (in the function room) with a bunch of other 15-16yr olds and was treated like a princess. Security to escort them to waiting parents cars later at nite displayed just good responsibility from the management and a true willingness to make the event for the youngsters work to everyone’s favour. How many of my friends had said to me that week “your kid is going where?”. It all turned out well.

Thirdly, I know they supported @monnie’s cup cake treats business. Seemed like we were onto a good thing!! As a venue, they obviously cared.

So, like I said – I was all ears. BUT... to be frank, I’m an old chick and grew up when the Highway wasn’t seen in quite the same light. So, I wanted to see it first hand.

I did and can say I was impressed. And I’m not just saying that cause I can or should. I was. Tom met me with a HUGE smile. With Mandy there as well, they showed me through the rooms available, spoke terms and confirmed they WOULD SUPPLY THE GLASSES.


Did I just hear right?

A venue was going to supply glasses for my wine tasting function? I had never heard of this before (aside from the lovely Barossa country folk) and we all know the pain I have been through with this problem. Hiring or buying glasses has always eaten into my budget and when I am trying to donate as much as possible to the Heart Foundation well... every little bit helps.

So... the rest is history. I love them. Let’s hope it all goes just as smoothly on the nite – but by the sounds, it will. Let's celebrate :)