Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Dead Reds Wake 4

To members of Bring out your dead reds

It's a long way off but I needed a target. So the date is set.

But hey, I also need some help. Dead Reds Wake 3 couldn't have happened without the support of a great crew - do you want to help make Wake 4 special?

To note, here's the date:

For the next wake we've had a few ideas brewing, like fashion parades whilst we "sip/ taste"... punter judging (people's choice), bigger after party with music/DJ, and a possible international hook up with fellow dead redders not living in Adelaide.If you want to be involved in helping to make a unique, fun event happen (globally)... just for the love of it , please let me know. I'm on

Hope that next bottle your crack open is even better than the last - keep the dead ones for the events :) xc

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