Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Dead Reds Wake 3 - charity

It's not everyday you get to hand a few dollars over to a charity of choice. But today we do.

I've been a tad slack sorting out the finances after the last Dead Reds Wake 3. Apologies. The tin has sat here staring at me to move it, shake it and generally do something with it. But I hadn't. Well hadn't - but have now.

It's good news to report that after all the catering, glass purchases and general advertising / publication expenses we are sending $450 off to two charities. Doesn't sound much, but remember we only take $10 at the door :)

The two charities selected are Movember for Prostrate because so many of the guys in the group are participating (in face I'd love for yo all to post a piccy of how you are going) and the second is the Cancer Council (SA) for their Breast Cancer Research.

Happy giving :)

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JimBob51 said...

Hey not bad for our first effort at donating. Next time when numbers will be through the roof we will have charities champing at the bit to grab our attention. Hahaha