Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Drink Red with Heart and Celebrate Life

As you know the Dead Reds Wine Group has never been about making money for itself. In fact all proceeds from Wakes after expenses (if there is any) are donated to a nominated charity of choice. Admittedly, we've had varying successes depending on venue support, caterers and sponsors but we have always hoped to improve what we can contribute over time.

And we will now do so with heart.

It is with great pleasure I announce the Dead Reds Wine Group has chosen the Heart Foundation as it's ongoing charity of choice. With the continuation of all proceeds from wakes after expenses being sent their way.

It's a great synergy for the wine group as the Heart Foundation don't mind a glass of dam good red a day either... they encourage healthy living and are all about lifestyle with a heap of fun events mixed into their own calendar. As an organisation they are active participants in the community with a variety and mix of activities we (as a group) can also get involved with.

And, as they proved recently they'll get behind ours, such as the Wear Red : Drink Red event held at the Universal Wine Bar for "Go Red for Women Day". We had a stellar event with about 40 punters celebrating in style and raising a few dollars.

So, from here on in the group will be about "Drink Red with Heart and Celebrate Life"

To find out more about the Heart Foundation, please visit:

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