Monday, February 9, 2009

Steeped in history. The theme for the next dead red. @Wake 4

There are stories to be told!!

Whilst I'm securing approval for use of our next event venue (needs management approval at their end) this note is to touch base, remind you to pop the date for the next Wake (4) in your diary and start hunting down that bottle from the back of the pantry, nana's house, cellar, favourite bottle shop, or vintage auction (if ya dare share).

Let's have a session that looks at the why the bottle label came into "being". There have been MANY conversations within the group and at events about the various labels on the bottles presented. I remember fondly one of my own bottles still had the measurements in pints and ounces. And another from the connawarra (inland) including a ship - it turned out the vineyard owner was previously the captain of one.

So, let's tell and share the stories of these bottles that we open and enjoy - or judge as "dead".

To follow:

Dead Reds supports the Multiple Sclerosis Australia fund raising efforts this round... more soon...

Wine sponsor suggestions... please let me know if you or one of your contacts would like to be featured at event commencement (approx 6 bottle donation to group). Contact me.

Table monitors... please let me know if you are happy to be one again - or want to join the fun. Table monitors help with bottle opening ceremonies and alert our 2 judges (Miles & Jim) when that special moment happens... IT'S DEAD!!! Contact me.

Chat soon... xc

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