Sunday, February 15, 2009

Dead Reds Wake 4 - venue announced

Finally, we can share our next venue... like I said last email, our theme this round is steeped in history. And our venue has a bit of history too.

The Adelaide Bowling Club has been based in the Adelaide Parklands since 1897... gosh... and wouldn't we all like to get our hands on a bottle from back then! However, i doubt we'd find any (LOL).

That said, on the night I am positive there will be stories to be told!! (or MC Steve can make some up for us!!)

Let's have a session that looks at the why the bottle label came into "being".

There have been MANY conversations within the group and at events about the various labels on the bottles presented. I remember fondly one of my own bottles still had the measurements in pints and ounces.

And another from the connawarra (inland) including a ship - it turned out the vineyard owner was previously the captain of one.

Bring and share the stories of these bottles that we open and enjoy - or judge as "dead". xc

PS address details are on the event wall now xxx

PPS spread the word and bring a friend... we're friendly !!

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