Thursday, October 23, 2008

Welcome: Group Beginnings

On the eve of a special dinner party, which was to boast a Penfolds Grange, the challenge was set to find a wine that could match such a pedigree red. Alas, all the “special” old wines in the cellar were too old to risk. And that’s when the seed was planted for a special night dedicated to brave wine tasting – to boldly drink what should have already been boldly drunk!

The idea was shared on Facebook and the Dead Reds Wine Group now has over 150 members. Quarterly events are held called “Wakes”.

Wakes are evenings of sensory highs and lows, and animated conversation where you will hear such Dead Reds-inspired turns of phrase as:

Gnarly ancient Barossa vines produce treasures! Crawford

What is wine? Pleasure, pure pleasure! Gianluca

Nectar of god, hangover from hell. Trev

Makes boring people interesting beyond belief. Jeff

Winter, Cosy Fire, Red-in-hand, sweet desire! Fiona

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