Thursday, October 23, 2008

Red wine is for drinking

Dead Reds Wine Group has been formed to celebrate (and send off) the “dead” red wines from our cellars. Do you have any in yours?

These are the wines we’ve been keeping for that special occasion but perhaps we’ve kept them a little too long. They are now ten years old, or older.

What do you do with such wine?

Wine that might still be a corker, or simply “corked”? Worry no more.

Bring out those Dead Reds to share with fellow wine hoarders and their beloved old drops, for an adventurous evening of wine tasting.

Some will be sublime. Some will be vinegar.

That’s what the night is all about.

A prize will be awarded to the deadest Dead Red and the most alive!

Join us and find out how old that bottle can go?

The next "Wake" is listed via FaceBook

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