Monday, March 16, 2009

Dead Reds Wake 4.... rules

Hi all,
I've had a few emails so thought I'd send a general blanket one... as we have a few newbies coming (and that's awesome!!!)

So, the rules are quite simple really:

a) have fun, b) enjoy yourself, c) meet people and d) taste wine and hopefully find a goodie (or dead one!!)... however also at the door you need to pay $10 if you bring an old bottle of wine (older than 10 years) OR pay $20 to contribute to the nite :)

Your bottle is labeled with your name and entered into the judging / tasting "pool". Your bottle has an official bottle opening ceremony at one of the tables - with you having first taste (it's all fairly casual really). The bottle is then shared... and if it's any good - it's all in to taste. If it's dead, generally it's all in to taste too as people LOVE trying the dead ones (strange I know).

Official judges for the nite are Jim Manning and Lee Ryan.

It's a friendly mob... this is our 4th and so we are all kinda still new to it. Each one gets better but the format is still changing slightly each event - we think we are getting the format down pat now though...!

The official part of the nite goes for about one / half hours, maybe two... with some staying on for a more casual "after party".

I look forward to meeting all the newbies - and catching up with the regulars!!! xc